How I Lost My Botox Virginity!

Botox Treatments at Marine Drive Laser, North Vancouver

Fortunately, I’ve always looked younger than my years and have also been blessed with relatively good skin. In my early 50’s, I toyed with the idea of getting Botox, unfortunately I have an incredible fear of needles, so I felt that I’d best let it be. My friend, Anna, who is 10 years younger than me was raving about how amazing it is and that I should give it a try? Every time she brought up the subject, I made excuses and shied away from the topic.

Anna and I would meet-up as often as possible for a lady’s lunch, and at one particular lunch, she asked if I would drive her to her doctor’s office, once we were done. I knew she was getting Botox, so I thought that I would tag along just for the fun of it!

I actually sat in the treatment room with her, so I was able to experience the whole procedure for myself. It took no more than 15 minutes, and once done, I grabbed my coat to leave. Anna on the other hand had other ideas and insisted that it was now my turn. Put on the spot, it was very difficult to wiggle out of the situation, and before I was able to protest, the doctor was sucking up a combination of Botox and Sodium Chloride into the syringe. Ice was placed at each injection point and I gritted my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut in anticipation of that first jab. it wasn’t so bad after all, and I felt rather embarrassed that I had made such a fuss.

After just a few days, the results were amazing! I was hooked with no more trepidations. Now, many years later, I get enormous satisfaction when people stare at me in disbelief when I tell them my age. To me, it’s not just Botox, it’s maintenance along with confidence that comes from looking as young as I feel. Thank you Botox!